After a long uphill battle to name the southwest corner of Ludlow and Rivington Beastie Boys Square -- in honor of the Paul's Boutique album artwork being photographed there -- it's finally happening. New York City Council approved the renaming on Thursday (7/14), Bowery Boogie reports, writing, "Buoyed by the support of Councilman Chris Marte, the vote carried without incident, and was approved as part of several other co-namings around the Five Boroughs."

The campaign was nearly a decade in the making, and it was spearheaded by LeRoy McCarthy, the same person behind Wu-Tang Clan District in Staten Island and Christopher "Notorious B.I.G." Wallace Way" in Brooklyn. "Thanks to the local residents, businesses, and organizations who supported this endeavor over the years," LeRoy said in a statement to Bowery Boogie. "It would not have gotten done without political support from MBP Mark Levine, Councilwoman Carlina Rivera, and especially Councilman Chris Marte. Much Gratitude."

"As many of us know, once the Beastie Boys hit the scene, it really changed the hip-hop game," Councilman Chris Marte said, via PIX11. "I see it as a celebration. A celebration for the Lower East Side, a celebration for hip-hop and especially a celebration for our community who has been organizing for a really long time to make this happen."

The mural pictured above, which was already at the street corner prior to the naming becoming official, was painted by Danielle Mastrion. Check that out in full, along with the original Paul's Boutique album art, below.


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