Boston's BEDTIMEMAGIC are a sludgy post-hardcore two-piece with Nicholas Pentabona on bass and vocals, and Morgan Berns on drums, vocals, and pedal organ, though you might not realize it's only two people from listening to them. Nicholas makes his distorted bass sound like a bass and a guitar all at once, and the two of them have a sound that's louder than some five-piece bands. Their new album Pillow Talk comes out November 8 via Nefarious Industries (pre-order), and following the release of opening track "Long Kiss Goodnight," we're now premiering second single "Snore Snore Snorer."

Morgan tells us, "'Snore Snore Snorer' poses the questions, 'What does it matter when you're awful? What does it matter when you can't shut the fuck up?.' There are lots of ways to feel good about yourself and your life, we hope people can find a way to do that without shitting on other people," and the band also adds, "We wrote this song together, in the same room at the same time, lyrics and all, back in like... 2014? I think? We were such tiny babies back then." The record was produced and mixed by Andrew Schneider, who's worked with a lot of cool bands (Unsane, Cave In, Daughters, Mutoid Man, Rosetta), and if you like Unsane in particular, I think you'll almost definitely dig this new BEDTIMEMAGIC song too. Check it out below.

The band has two upcoming hometown shows: a Halloween party on 10/28 where they'll be covering Pat Benatar (info, tickets) and a show opening for GayC/DC the day their album comes out (info, tickets).

1. Long Kiss Goodnight
2. Old Mattress
3. Hospital Corners
4. Dirty Sheets
5. Guest Cot
6. Wake-Induced Lucid Dreaming
7. Snore Snore Snorer
8. Warm Milk
9. Endless Slumber
10. Waking Dream

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