Enigmatic, robe and mask-wearing Belgian post-metallers Briqueville are releasing a new album, Quelle, on October 2 via Pelagic (pre-order). "Quelle" means “source” in German and “which” in French, and the band says, "We strongly feel that this record keeps all the ingredients of previous records and explores them further than we ever did before. The theme of a ‘source’ and the ‘which’ linking it reflexively to our previous album artwork gave us the feeling that we stayed true to our original concept, music, artwork and clips; water and sand as a source of life and death; how an isolated soul deals with these elements."

We're premiering the new song "Akte XII," which is as creepy and dark and heavy as you'd expect from a band who look like this one does on stage. "Stripped down to its essence this song delivers a paced and haunting polyrhythmic build-up to what we can only describe as the heaviest matter in Briqueville’s sound," the band tells us. "Doom and gloom in all of its glory."

Listen to the new song and watch a live video below...

1. Akte VIII
2. Akte IX
3. Akte X
4. Akte XI
5. Akte XII
6. Akte XIII
7. Akte XIV
8. Akte XV


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