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Bell Orchestre @ BAM (more by Kyle Dean Reinford)
Bell Orchestre

Starting in April, Bell Orchestre (featuring members of Arcade Fire) will tour its native Canada, followed by US dates that include a NYC show at Le Poisson Rouge on April 30th with The Havels and Colin Stetson. Tickets are on sale now.

Bell Orchestre member Pietro Amato, touring North America now with three-piece instrumental project Torngat, will play with that band at the same venue on April 2nd. (Tickets are still on sale.)

Bell Orchestre just released its sophomore full-length, As Seen Through Windows, on March 10th on Arts & Crafts...

As on their previous album, Bell Orchestre's music is essentially cinematic. Though it has features of minimalism and occasionally seems completely rootless, the group's too impatient, too modern to spin meaning out of extended repetition. Their music's evocative and romantic, casually taking advantage of modern tools in the service of the creation of their potent soundscapes. So As Seen Through Windows will likely continue to solidify Bell Orchestre's reputation for making interesting and occasionally challenging instrumental music that not enough people have heard. It shouldn't be too hard to change the last part. [PopMatters]

All tour dates and a band-made European tour video featuring new song "Water/Light/Shifts", below...

Bell Orchestre On Tour in the Baltics (w/ song "Water/Light/Shifts")

Bell Orchestre - 2009 Tour Dates
Apr 4 - Sydenham Street United Church - Kingston, Ontario
Apr 16 - Theatre Granada - Sherbrooke, Quebec
Apr 17 - Theatre Petit Champlain - Quebec, Quebec
Apr 18 - First Baptist Church Ottawa, Ontario
Apr 19 - La Tulipe Montreal, Quebec
Apr 23 - Starlight Social Club Waterloo, Ontario
Apr 24 - Courthouse Toronto, Ontario
Apr 30 - Le Poisson Rouge New York, New York
May 1 - Somerville Theater Somerville, Massachusetts
Jul 10 - Winnipeg Folk Festival Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jul 11 - Winnipeg Folk Festival Winnipeg, Manitoba