Bellrope were formed out of the ashes of cult German metal band Black Shape of Nexus, and they're gearing up to release their debut album, You Must Relax, on February 22 via Exile On Mainstream (US pre-order here; international pre-order here). We're premiering the album's penultimate, eleven-and-a-half-minute epic "TD200." With a mix of sludge intensity, post-metal atmosphere, discordant noise rock, and well-executed samples, it's a sonic head trip that blurs the lines between "metal" and "heavy rock" and avoids falling into any typical trends or stereotypes. The first comparison that comes to mind is Boris, and fans of Black Shape of Nexus will find that this fills that band's void very well. Across its lengthy running time, the song blends roaring screams with crisply-sung clean vocals, and it features guest vocals by Arne Heesch and Yvonnne Ducksworth of labelmates Treedeon. When asked for a quote about the song, Bellrope's Malte Seidel simply replied: "Listen to Treedeon!" Do that here and listen to "TD200" below.

Bellrope have a few European dates coming up, and they're playing the Exile On Mainstream 20th anniversary celebrations at UT Connewitz in Leipzig, DE and at Netherlands festival Roadburn. All dates are listed below.

You Must Relax Tracklist
1. Hollywood 2001/Rollrost
2. Old Overholt
3. You Must Relax
4. TD200
5. CBD/Hereinunder

Bellrope -- 2019 Tour Dates
2/06/2019 Chemiefabrik – Dresden, DE w/ Eisenvater
2/07/2019 Zukunft am Ostkreuz – Berlin, DE w/ Eisenvater
2/08/2019 Rosenkeller – Jena, DE w/ Eisenvater
2/09/2019 JuHa West – Stuttgart, DE w/ Eisenvater, Arsen
4/06/2019 UT Connewitz – Leipzig, DE @ 20 Years Exile On Mainstream
4/13/2019 Roadburn Festival – Tilburg, NL @ 20 Years Exile On Mainstream

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