Benny the Butcher was recently the victim of a shooting in Houston, but he was discharged from the hospital after just two days, and he recently addressed the situation in his new song "3:30 In Houston." Unfortunately though, he hasn't fully healed.

Revolt points out that he spoke about the situation on Instagram Live, saying, "You know me, my shit is good. My shit copacetic. My shit don’t work. Let n***as know, my shit don’t work. My foot don’t work. My leg is healed. I hate saying that shit but I know some people wanna know."

Benny recently spoke about the shooting on The Joe Budden Podcast as well. We're hoping he continues to recover.

"3:30 In Houston" is also the first single from the upcoming soundtrack to Griselda's first feature film, CONFLICTED, which Benny stars in as "a Buffalo gangster who struggles to do right after being released from prison." The film comes out January 15 via pay per view and the soundtrack comes out January 8.

Griselda's Conway the Machine also releases the deluxe edition of From King to a GOD this Friday, December 18:

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