Long-running New York hardcore band Kill Your Idols recently announced a three-day weekend of shows with Fireburn and Berthold City. If you're unfamiliar with those openers, you might like to know that both bands have some familiar faces. Fireburn have members of Bad Brains and Warzone (and they're streaming a new EP and also have upcoming shows with American Nightmare and GBH), and Berthold City is the new straight-edge band fronted by longtime Strife guitarist Andrew Kline.

Kline is joined by guitarists Dennis McDonald (Internal Affairs) and Devin Vale (Final Fight), drummer Adam Galindo (One Choice), and bassist John Eightclip (Allegiance), and they're releasing their six-song Moment of Truth 7" on March 30 via Kline's own WAR Records (pre-order). It was tracked by Aaron Jamili and mastered by Don Fury, the latter of whom worked on NYHC classics by Agnostic Front, Gorilla Biscuits, Judge, Madball, Burn, Quicksand, and more. We're premiering a track from the 7", "Like Knives," which is the kind of tried-and-true hardcore crusher that you might expect from this crew. Here's what Kline tells us about the song:

"Like Knives" is about the power of words. Words are powerful, and we have the choice to use them as a means to inspire and uplift or they can be used to tear people down. It's about the normalization of hate speech and should serve as a reminder of the huge weight that negative words can have. I am not perfect and I know that I have used words that have hurt and affected people in a negative way, sometimes without even thinking about the weight these words can carry and the pain they may cause... Words cut like knives.

The same weekend Berthold City play with Kill Your Idols and Fireburn, they play RIchmond's United Blood Fest with Madball, Turnstile, and many others. All of their dates are listed below.

1. Moment Of Truth
2. Left For Dead
3. Enough!
4. This World On Fire
5. Like Knives
6. Walls Of Hate

Berthold City -- 2018 Tour Dates
April 5 - Hardcore Stadium, Boston w/ Kill Your Idols, Fireburn, COA, and more!
April 6 - Brooklyn Bazaar, NY W/ Kill Your Idols, Fireburn, Ache, and more
April 7 - United Blood Fest Canal Club, Richmond w/ Turnstile, Shark Attack, Ecostrike, Racetraitor, Trail of Lies, and more
April 8 - Underground Arts, Philadelphia w/ Kill Your Idols, Fireburn, Violent Society

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