Best Coast released a new album, Always Tomorrow, earlier this year, and they'd begun a tour supporting it, with Mannequin Pussy, back in February. Of course, those dates were cut short due to coronavirus, unfortunately, and after rescheduling them to the fall, the band has decided to cancel them for now until it's safe for shows to happen again.

Meanwhile, they've been keeping busy: Bethany Cosentino had been doing a weekly quarantine radio show, Bethline, where she spoke with Soccer Mommy, Vanessa Carlton, Fred Savage, and others (it's on hold for now). She also covered Crooked Fingers with Jimmy Eat World on a livestream. Bobb Bruno showed off some of his gear on EarthQuaker Devices' series, too, and you can watch a video of that below.

Meanwhile, SCOOB!, the new Scooby-Doo movie is out today, along with its soundtrack. That includes a rendition of the theme song by Best Coast - listen to it below.

We've been asking musicians and bands about what music they've been listening to in quarantine, and Bethany made us a list of ten songs she's been digging, and included some personal commentary on them too. Check out her list below.


Paul McCartney - "Another Day"

I have been listening to this song a lot in the morning when I wake up. I think we have all been stuck inside our houses long enough now that its starting to feel like groundhog’s day, and this idea of “it's just another day” is very heavy in our souls. This song makes the monotony of that idea more digestible.

Gin Blossoms - "Allison Road"

Gin Blossoms have always been one of my favorite gems given to us by 90s power pop. This song in particular just makes me feel light and it’s a great song to cook and sing along to.

X - "4th of July"

A big theme for me in music that I’m listening to a lot of in quarantine is stuff that feels mellow and vaguely “country.” This era of X is one of my favorites because it just sounds like pure Americana pop music. I picture myself driving in a truck with the windows down on a dirt road to this song with a warm breeze in my hair - it’s like escapism in song form. Anywhere to get me out of my living room, haha.

Jo Dee Messina - "I'm Alright"

Say what you will about this style of country music, but I fucking love it. It’s impossible to listen to this song and not just feel better. I personally like to crank this one when I’m walking my dog and I do a dumb little dance and sing along to it and truly just don’t care if someone sees me and thinks I’m crazy.

Hayley Williams - "Pure Love"

This is probably my favorite song on the new Hayley Williams album. Hayley is a friend of mine and I am so proud of her growth. This song has such a feel good melody and the lyrics are just about letting yourself open up to love and learning to soften yourself, something I think I am really learning a lot about during this time of solitude.

Patty Griffin - "One Big Love"

A great song to listen to on a drive. Feels like it’s written about the concept of surrender - which is a big thing I think we could all use a little lesson in right now.

The Replacements - "Achin' To Be"

Again, this one falls into the theme of me gravitating to music that has a vague “country” influence but isn’t explicitly “country.” I think there’s just a breeziness and easiness to this type of songwriting that really eases the anxiety I’m sitting with currently. This song has that exact vibe.

Harry Nilsson - "Together"

This song makes me wish I was floating on my back down a lazy river. It’s cinematic and calming, the type of song takes you to a different place then you actually are in as a listener.

Linda Ronstadt - "Carmelita"

Linda is probably my favorite singer of them all. I took a drive the other day to the middle of nowhere to just sit in stillness with my dog, and I listened to Linda on the entire drive home. I had tears in my eyes because her voice is just so piercing and beautiful. The way she was able to make songs that weren’t even her own, hers, is just the testament to how incredibly talented she is. if you haven’t seen her documentary, The Sound of my Voice do yourself a favor and watch it.

Pavement - "Father to a Sister of Thought"

Another “non-country-country” song that I love. Good song to listen to when you’re flying, save that thought for next time you can safely fly, haha.

Check out pictures of Best Coast at Stone Pony Summer Stage in 2016 in the gallery below.

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