Best Coast frontwoman Bethany Cosentino has announced her solo debut, Natural Disaster, due out on July 28 via Concord Records (pre-order on vinyl). With the album announcement, Bethany has also confirmed that Best Coast is on indefinite hiatus, as she explains, “My identity as a human being, and as an artist, has been so wrapped up in Best Coast for over a decade. The decision to pause the project indefinitely, and explore a new side of myself, was a very difficult one to make - but it felt necessary for me. Life is too short to not give yourself what you feel you need and want. I am excited about being just Bethany Cosentino for a while and figuring out who I am outside of the ‘Bethany from Best Coast’ box I’ve lived in for such a long time.”

Natural Disaster was borne out of a time of national chaos, as well as a need for personal transformation. “I looked at myself long and hard in the mirror, and I realized that I too had been bringing myself back to that place,” Bethany says “I kept proclaiming to the world ‘I’ve changed, I’ve evolved!’ but I hadn’t gotten to the place I really wanted to be yet. It became really clear to me that I needed to push myself into a completely different direction. Because the road I was on was just ultimately taking me back to square one.” She wrote Natural Disaster in Nashville and Los Angeles and tapped Butch Walker to produce. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.

The lead single is "It's Fine," a confessional, country-tinged track that echoes the search for personal evolution. The single's soft-rocking hook and direct lyrics are reminiscent of Sheryl Crow and Natalie Imbruglia, a fresh take on a '00s throwback sound. Watch the accompanying video below.

Bethany Cosentino, Natural Disaster

Natural Disaster Tracklisting
Natural Disaster
Outta Time
It’s Fine
A Single Day
My Own City
For A Moment
Calling On Angels
Real Life
Hope You’re Happy Now
It’s A Journey
I’ve Got News For You

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