the tenth in a series where we asked comedians to tell us what was good this year....

Jon Glaser & Son

I first experienced Jon Glaser a really long time ago when he was hosting some show at UCB that had David Cross on the bill. At that point in my life, I'm pretty sure Cross was really the only reason I was there. Glaser came out as Dave Gordon, a man who has tiny hands. It was (and still is) one of the funniest things I had ever seen and I became an immediate fan and follower of Glaser. To me, he is by far the funniest, most unique character actor around, and I rarely see him play the same character twice. Favorites include Johnny Ding-Dong, Silent Fury, one of the Fuggedabuddies (w/ Jon Benjamin), bassist for A Matter of Trust, member of Gloucester-based band The Perfect Storm, and many, many others. A former member of The Second City and writer for Conan O'Brien, he can be heard as voice of DJ Jesus in the Adult Swim cartoon Lucy: The Daughter of the Devil. He also played Dr. Rawstein in Horse Apples on Wonder Showzen. He was in a pilot called Gay Robot that Nick Swardson wrote. Oh, and he's also 50% of Midnight Pajama Jam w/ Jon Benjamin. The list of credits could go on for miles. Here's Jon's take on what was good in 2007 - Klaus

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He is a caveman from ages past. Frylock's first OoGhiJ MIQtxxXA supercomputer goes back to Oogs time and makes him intelligent... even though he still has some of his caveman traits. Just make sure he's not BORED!, Voiced by: John Glaser, Appeared in: Super Computer and The Last OneI have a 21 month old son. As a dad just tryin' to be cool by playing 'non-kid, cool' songs for his child, here are the "Top 10 Songs I Played For My Son In 2007 That I Am Glad He Seemed To Like", aka a pretentious list of my own musical taste that I forced on him. These are all old songs (except one), but were new to my son in 2007.

"Mr. Tough", Yo La Tengo - An early and continuous favorite. He was dancing to it in his bungee swing before he could walk, let alone dance, on his own.

"Blitzkrieg Bop", The Ramones - I didn't want to include this one because the image of kids dancing to The Ramones feels like a lame Huggies commercial (as opposed to a well done Huggies commercial, of which I think there are several). But I kept it in because the way he danced to it one of the first times he heard it was insane. He snapped his neck to the side so hard a couple times I thought he was going to break it.

"You're No Rock N' Roll Fun", Sleater-Kinney - He enjoyed watching himself in the mirror as he danced to this, and at one point yelled "Go!"

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"Other Side", Beat Happening - His current favorite song (not including "There Came A Girl From France" by Raffi), he does not seem to get bored with it.

"Almost Grown", Small Faces - I'm still not sure if he was dancing to this or to the weird sounding knock-off of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" that plays when he hits the green star on his V Tech Smart Start Tiny Touch Phone/very near future garbage item, which he was holding at the same time.

"Vanishing Girl", The Dukes of Stratosphear - I was recently looking at an old cell phone video I had taken of him dancing and realized the scratchy sounding audio was this song.

"Where The Girls Are", The Gossip - This song doesn't really count, because every other human on Earth's ass also starts shaking the second they hear the song start.

"Basketball", Kurtis Blow - He likes it now, but the way my wife and I obnoxiously sing "Basketball is my favorite sport, I like the way they dribble up and down the court" to try to get him to laugh will surely make him hate it. Or maybe it'll just make him hate us.

"Tiger", Cheeseburger - Okay, he hasn't danced to this one yet, but this is the lone 2007 entry, and I will keep playing it for him until he realizes it is a fucking jam by my current favorite band.

"Ain't No Other Man", Christina Aguilera - Ending the list with an "ironic" song or a "guilty pleasure"? Nope. Sorry. This song is awesome. I don't own or particularly like any of her other songs, but I heard this one awhile ago waiting in line at Duane Reade or something, and thought "This song is fucking fun. Is it Christina Aguilera?" It was, I like it, and my son had a shitload of fun jumping to it on our bed. Still too cool for her music? Here's what Herbie Hancock had to say about her: "...I knew she could really sing. But I didn't know she could sing like that. She knocked me out...her intonation was so perfect, I mean, not a flaw in it at all." So fuck you.

Herbie Hancock