Mika and not-Beth Ditto @ The Orpheum - Feb 15, 2008 (Consumable Audio)

Next another video from the Brits last night (with Beth).....

Mika & Beth Ditto - Standing in the Way of Control (Feb 20, 2008)

Oh man, I still don't like Mika, but anyway....now here's a video of Beth and Mika performing together a different time.....

Mika & Beth Ditto - Sweet Dreams [Are Made of These] (July 2007)

and finally here's something much better (as seen before)....

Jarvis Cocker & Beth Ditto - Temptation

RELATED RECENT NEWS: You can download their version "Temptation" on iTunes - Beth and Jarvis released it for charity.

ALSO: The Gossip are playing some shows.