Beverly Glenn-Copeland's 1986 cult classic Keyboard Fantasies has been reworked by a "collection of creative kindred spirits" for new album Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined that will be out December 10 via Transgressive.

While full details of the album have yet to be revealed, you can listen to Kelsey Lu's "transportation" of "Ever New" which adds a gorgeous string arrangement and more. "I feel so honored and completely heart struck to have been able to dive further into the fabric of Glenn’s music," Kelsey says, "especially ‘Ever New,’ which is a song that when I first heard it, sprung up emotions of grace, hope and care within the ever-evolving cycles of growth, so that’s what I tried to bring into the making of this reimagining as well."

You can listen to "Ever New (Kelsey Lu’s Transportation)" and the original version below.

You can pre-order the album now. The original Keyboard Fantasies was reissued earlier this year; Beverly Glenn-Copeland's Transmissions: The Music made our Best of 2020 list.

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