Beyonce & Jay-Z began the North American leg of their "OTR II" Tour in Cleveland on July 25, and last night (8/2) they played their first of two shows in Jay-Z's hometown area, at MetLife Stadium. Due to a thunderstorm, the crowd was actually forced to briefly evacuate the venue. MetLife Stadium issued a statement at 10:21 PM which read "Attention please: We expect the weather situation to clear shortly. Please standby for further updates. Thank you for patience." At 10:50, the venue announced, "At this time, we ask you please return to your seats. Show will go on!" Some fans were clearly annoyed, but according to an Asbury Park Press review, the "storm delay didn't dampen [the] spectacle." Here's more:

The show was a culmination of themes Beyonce and Jay-Z have previously explored on their albums “Lemonade” and “4:44,” respectively. Performed live, with set pieces and filmed interludes and backdrops, it was ambitious and rewarding.

Sure, there could have been some trimming here and there. “Ring the Alarm,” Beyonce’s primal scream rock song, and the similar “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” were performed back to back, and you didn’t really need the both of them. Also, “Upgrade,” where the moving stage platform transported the Carters over the audience pit while a fog machine was sprayed about, seemed excessive and did not entertain.

Still, On the Run II meshed the talents of Beyonce and Jay-Z perhaps better than the original co-headlining On the Run Tour in 2014. Bey has long had that indefinable star power but here, her voice seemed to have an extra fullness and even touch of operatic ability, as witnessed by her vocal run prior to “I Care.”

As for Jay-Z, he’s just about best in the rap game. He brings clarity and force to his rhymes, set off by impactful phrasing and delivery. When he says something, it’s said.

Thank the hip-hop gods that he never fell into the mumble rap style.

Having released their excellent collaborative album Everything Is Love during the European leg of the tour, Beyonce and Jay-Z played some stuff off that, like the big single "Apeshit" and the more serious, political "Black Effect," and they also offered up collabs from much earlier on in their career like "'03 Bonnie & Clyde," as well as many of their own fan favorites. You can watch a bunch of videos of Bey & Jay performing, plus a few of the evacuation, below.

Bey & Jay do it again at MetLife tonight (8/3).

MetLife Stadium also gave this update towards the end of the show, and it was also flashed on screen at the venue: