Boston emo band Bicycle Inn have two EPs and various singles dating back to 2016, and they're now gearing up to release their first full-length album, This Time and Place is all I'll Ever Know, on March 19 via Sun Eater Records (home to Ogbert The Nerd, Guitar Fight From Fooly Cooly, Oolong, etc). We're premiering lead single "Dexterity Saving Throw," which marries the clean, power-poppy side of emo to the mathy, noodly side; fans of stuff like The Promise Ring, Everyone Everywhere, and Into It. Over It. should check this out.

"'Dexterity Saving Throw' is a song about avoidances," the band tells us. "With so much always happening in our lives it can be hard to focus on what we convince ourselves is the most important. We felt this song represented the overall musical mood and tone of our new record, while also being different from our previous releases. When listened to in the context of our two previous singles from the record, it paints a more complete picture of what we hoped to accomplish with our upcoming LP."

Hear it for yourself and compare it to the band's two previous singles ("Poor Lake's Camp" and "Very Cool, Brett") below.

Roll Initiative
Leap Year
Poor Lake’s Camp
Full Blossom of the Evening
Very Cool, Brett
Pine Box
Dexterity Saving Throw
In Memory
20 Sided
Paper Thin (Slowly)
Members Only/Cost of Living


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