Not only is Big Thief singer Adrianne Lenker releasing two solo albums this year, but guitarist Buck Meek has just announced one of his own, too.

His upcoming solo album, Two Saviors (to be released January 15 via Keeled Scales) was recorded with producer and engineer Andrew Sarlo, who also supervised the first four Big Thief LPs. According to a press release, Sarlo requested that the record be recorded under these specific conditions: "they make the album in New Orleans, during the hottest part of the year, spend no more than seven days tracking, all live, on an 8-track tape machine with only dynamic microphones, and no headphones, not allowing the players to hear back any takes until the final day." Buck's band for the album was Adam Brisbin (guitar), Mat Davidson (bass, pedal steel, fiddle), Austin Vaughn (drums), and Buck’s brother Dylan Meek (piano, organ).

"Writing these songs was a process of creating talismans," Buck says, "little prayers and visions from within the constant flux of pain, healing, and discovery - that I could return to for perspective, and share with those in need."

The new single is one of the album's positive, upbeat moments, "Second Sight," which chimes in with a chorus that proclaims, "I work for free / because love I all I need." On this track in particular, Buck notes, "The value in our world is built by the labor of love - a currency that accrues no debt, enriching both the giver and receiver. This wealth provides the vitality needed to lift a hammer, to raise a roof, and to lay upon the eaves in silent awe of nature and civilization and the culmination of universal effort. Magic (the left hand of love?) arises from attention, and is accessible to all without prejudice. A creation from nothing, from some uncaused cause, some eternal unmoved mover."

You can listen to "Second Sight," as well as "Roll Back Your Clocks" (which was released earlier this year) below. Full tracklist below too; pre-orders here.


2. Candle
3. Second Sight
4. Two Saviors
5. Two Moons
6. Dream Daughter
7. Ham On White
8. Cannonball! Pt. 2
9. Two Moons (morning)
10. Pocketknife
11. Halo Light


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