Montreal trio BIG|BRAVE will follow 2015's Au De La with their third album, Ardor, on September 15 via Southern Lord (pre-order). It features three songs, "Sound," "Lull," and "Borer," all of which are over ten minutes (and one of which is nearly 15). It was recorded by Jerusalem In My Heart's Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, and features violin on all three songs by Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra's Jessica Moss, plus contrabass on two songs by Godspeed You! Black Emperor's Thierry Amar. Like Godspeed (or Sunn O))), who BIG|BRAVE toured with earlier this year), BIG|BRAVE make colossal post-rock, but vocalist Robin Wattie sets them apart from their peers. She has an unhinged, piercing voice that she knows how to take in all kinds of unexpected directions. Watch the video for "Sound" (starring Rohin and created by guitarist Mathieu Ball) and hear a clip of "Borer" in the album teaser, below.

The trio have just two upcoming shows at the moment: Brooklyn on September 23 at Saint Vitus and a hometown show in Montreal at Sala Rossa on September 30. Tickets for Brooklyn are on sale now and Montreal will be on sale soon.

BIG|BRAVE -- 2017 Tour Dates
9/23 Saint Vitus Brooklyn, NY
9/30 Sala Rossa Montreal, QC

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