"We're Bikini Kill, and we want Revolution Girl Style now!"

Before launching into first encore song "Double Dare Ya" at Brooklyn Steel on Friday night (5/30), their first NYC show in over 20 years (other than a surprise one-off appearance at The Raincoats' 2017 event at The Kitchen) , Bikini Kill did indeed say that classic line, prompting the crowd to go nuts. They were roaring from the time the band first took the stage on the latest stop of their reunion tour, which they kicked off at LA's Hollywood Palladium back in April. Kathleen Hanna seemed overwhelmed at the reception, saying it was going to make her cry; LA was great, she continued, but this was something else.

From the opening notes of the night's first song (which was the great "Carnival" from 1991's Revolution Girl Style Now!), you could feel the camaraderie in the air among the women in attendance. For this tour, guitarist Erica Dawn Lyle has been filling in for Billy Karren, but the band sounded as good as ever, tearing through classics like "I Hate Danger," "This is Not a Test," "Resist Psychic Death," and more. Kathleen made a brief mention to the restrictive abortion bans being implemented in far too many states, calling the battle "what we're all going through right now," but said she didn't want to go too far into it because she wanted the audience to be present and enjoy the night.

Friday's show was the first of four NYC Bikini Kill shows: on Saturday (6/1), they head to Terminal 5, then Brooklyn's Kings Theatre on Tuesday (6/4) and Wednesday (6/5). The Terminal 5 show is currently sold out, but a few tickets are still available for both Kings Theatre nights.

Check out pictures from Friday night's show, including opener Palberta, in the gallery above, and the setlist, and some video clips, below.


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