Bikini Kill played their first proper show in over 20 years (not counting their surprise one-song reunion in 2017) at LA’s Palladium last night (4/25), which was the start of a reunion tour that so far includes three more LA shows, four NYC shows, and two London shows. Each show has a different opener, and this one had punk legend Alice Bag, who brought out guests including Bratmobile’s Alison Wolfe.

Kathleen Hanna, Tobi Vail, Kathi Wilcox and new member Erica Dawn Lyle didn’t hold back at all from playing all the old faves, with a 27-song set that included two encores. Flea was there, and he said, “Bikini kill and Alice bag just fucking destroyed the palladium. So alive so fun. Yeeeeeeeeee.” Another attendee wrote:

Bikini Kill’s first show after a 22 year hiatus was phenomenal. My group of friends and I did not leave disappointed at all. It was clear that they had rehearsed immensely for their comeback. Their songs sounded so prescient in a live setting, especially with the shithole of a reality that we’re stuck with at the moment. They might have been playing a place like the Palladium but it had the heart of a packed punk show in a shitty dive bar with no ream to breathe, but yet all you can do is mosh and move as if your life depended on it.

Another said:

Tonight at the Palladium @hollywoodpalladium #AliceBag @alice_bag sang, spoke and shouted glorious truth to power (“No means NO!”), and #BikiniKill @bikinikillrecords swept me and a crowd of women of all ages into a sweaty, steamy, earring-losing, sunglasses-breaking, purse-ripping frenzy of reunion fandom, feminism, punk nostalgia and moshing, which I haven’t done in a long time. THANK YOU Alice and Bikini Kill for filling the Palladium with your power.

Another said, “Holy damn, they ripped it up. Right out the gate, and for the entirety of the set, they were fierce. The energy in the room felt so positive and everyone in the room seemed to be having such a great time; including the band.”

Watch videos from the show and see the full setlist below. All remaining dates are also listed below.

Bikini Kill at the Hollywood Palladium – 4/25/19 Setlist
New Radio
Jigsaw Youth
Don’t Need You
Feels Blind
I Hate Danger
In Accordance to Natural Law
Demi Rep
Reject All American
Alien She
No Backrub
Hamster Baby
Tell Me So
This Is Not a Test
Capri Pants
Resist Psychic Death
Rah! Rah! Replica
Outta Me
For Only
Distinct Complicity
Rebel Girl
Lil’ Red

Double Dare Ya
Suck My Left One

Encore 2:
For Tammy Rae

Bikini Kill — 2019 Tour Dates
4/26 Palladium Los Angeles, CA w/ The Linda Lindas
5/1 Palladium Los Angeles, CA w/ Fuck U Pay Us
5/2 Palladium Los Angeles, CA w/ Le Butcherettes
5/31 Brooklyn Steel Brooklyn, NY w/ Palberta
6/1 Terminal 5 New York, NY w/ Sammus
6/4 Kings Theatre Brooklyn, NY w/ Pinocchio
6/5 Kings Theatre Brooklyn, NY w/ Gauche
6/10 O2 Academy Brixton London, UK w/ Big Joanie, Childs Pose
6/11 O2 Academy Brixton London, UK w/ Big Joanie, The Tuts