photo: Kathleen Hanna w/ The Julie Ruin at 2015 P4k Fest (more by James Richards IV)
Kathleen Hanna

Bikini Kill already shared one previously unreleased song, "Playground," from their upcoming Revolution Girl Style Now reissue, and here's another. Here's what Kathleen Hanna tells the NY Times about it:

"Ocean Song," too, was directly inspired by the feminist issues with which Hanna was grappling at the time. She had been working at SafePlace, a shelter for survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse in Olympia, Wash., and had begun to feel overwhelmed by the stories she was hearing -- and by how hard it was to make anyone outside the community listen to them. "I felt crazy, I felt like I'd been dropped in the middle of the ocean, and I was screaming, 'Look at all this stuff that's happening,' and was just making dolphin noises, nobody could hear me," she recalls. Two and a half decades (and three bands) later, Hanna's voice regularly reaches tens of thousands of people, but she hasn't abandoned those initial causes: just a few weeks ago, her current band, the Julie Ruin, flew to Olympia to play a gala benefit for SafePlace. "It was so thrilling and kind of full-circle for me to go back there, especially at the same time as the demo tape's coming out," she says. "It just felt really right."

Listen below...


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