Jawbox finally reunited in 2019 after 20+ years, and they're set to keep the reunion going in 2022, with an appearance at Primavera Sound and a just-announced run of Europe shows with Barrels and Human Impact (mem Unsane, Swans). Unfortunately, they won't be joined by original guitarist/vocalist Bill Barbot, who has needed to (amicably) part ways with the band. His replacement -- with Bill's blessing -- is Brooks Harlan of War On Women (and who also played in Office of Future Plans with J Robbins). Bassist Kim Coletta writes:

We wanted to let folks know that the inimitable Bill Barbot is leaving the band. He and his family left the DC area and moved to Vermont a year ago to enjoy more nature and a less hectic way of living. I've visited him, and I can report that he now lives at the end of a dirt road in the countryside! It became increasingly clear that commuting to practice in Baltimore was no longer possible given the distance and his work and family obligations. It was a bittersweet announcement for the rest of us and certainly the end of an era. We looked for another singer/guitarist to fill his rather large shoes with Bill's suggestion and blessing. We're happy to report that the fabulous Brooks Harlan - a friend of the band, guitarist of War on Women, proprietor of Big Crunch Amp Repair and Design, and a frequent musical collaborator of J's over the past decade - will be joining us for live shows. Bill will always be a part of Jawbox both musically and emotionally, but we will enjoy the new energy that change can bring.

Sad to see Bill go, but Brooks is a great guitarist and it's good news that he's helping the band carry on. Hopefully more US shows will be added soon too.

Watch Jawbox play Brooklyn in 2019:



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