Bill Callahan and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's weekly covers collab-a-thon continues with this take on Louisville band The Other Years' "Red Tailed Hawk." As with the previous entries in this series, they've asked another artist to provide the music, in this case it's Callahan's regular compatriot Matt Kinsey. Here's the details via Drag City:

Bill Callahan guitar-slinger of choice Matt Kinsey meets the songcraft of Heather Summers (of Louisville’s The Other Years) for the first time ever, swapping the eternal life of their Irish Folk modalities for his deathless neo-country arrangement! His dreamy guitar treatments weave sonic filigree around the harmonies of Bill and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, blowing drafts of wind through the haiku-like lyrics and the natural space of the song. Cover artwork by Simone Montemurno, shown at Soccer Club Club as a part of "Things", April 2016.

"Red Tailed Hawk" is especially lush and lovely and you can listen below.

Previous covers in this series:  Yusuf/Cat Stevens' "Blackness of the Night" made with AZITA;  Hank Williams Jr's "OD'd in Denver" made with Chavez's Matt Sweeney; and Dave Rich's "I've Made Up My Mind" with Alasdair Roberts. Still no word on whether this is all leading to an album, but we'll see what next week brings.