When we posted the Tribeca Film Festival lineup back in April we mentioned that Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong was starring in a movie called Geezer. Well, it's no longer called Geezer -- the title is now Ordinary World -- and t see the light of day sooner rather than later, as there's now a trailer and a release date of October 14. (conveniently one week after Green Day's new album is out).

Ordinary World, which is directed by Lee Kirk and also stars Selma Blair, Fred Armisen, Judy Greer and Chris Messina (and also reportedly includes a Joan Jett cameo), is about a suburban dad/former punk rock frontman who encounters a midlife-crisis type scenario and parties hard in a hotel room with his old bandmates in an effort to relive past glories. Billie Joe plays said dad/rocker, and also wrote some music for the film (which you can hear snippets of in the trailer). Check that trailer out below.

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