Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong and Rancid/Operation Ivy's Tim Armstrong go way back and have the same name last name (but no relation), and they've decided to join forces as Armstrongs. The band also features Billie Joe's son Joey (who's in the band SWMRS) and Tim's nephew Rey. They just released a new benefit single "If There Was Ever A Time," and 100% of proceeds will benefit the beloved DIY, non-profit, all ages venue 924 Gilman where both Billie Joe and Tim got their starts. "Anything that has to do with working with Gilman and Tim and Joey Armstrong, consider me in," said Billie Joe. "This is about our home and family. Viva Armstrong!"

The song also appears in the new documentary Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk. Listen below.

Green Day covered Operation Ivy's "Knowledge" for their Slappy EP and have played it live a handful of times, including with Tim Armstrong in 2015. Green Day have upcoming tour dates in support of last year's Revolution Radio and Rancid have upcoming tour dates in support of this year's Trouble Maker.

Operation Ivy and Green Day are at spots 1 and 2 (respectively) on our list of 10 must-have Lookout! Records albums.