Letting your car idle indefinitely while parked has been illegal in NYC since 1972 but that doesn't stop a lot of folks from doing it. The Mayor's office has just launched a new campaign to curtail idling -- which adds a lot of pollution to our air and ears -- that features "rock star and environmentalist" Billy Idol. The campaign is called "Billy Never Idles" and he says "if you're not driving, shut yer damn engine off!"

“Billy Idol never idles and neither should you,” Mayor Bill de Blasio says in a press release that works in a few more Idol puns into the copy. “It chokes our air, hurts the environment, and is bad for New York. We’re sending a loud message with a Rebel Yell: Turn off your engines or pay up.”

You may have seen "Billy Never Idles" billboards already and you can watch a promo, voiced by Billy, below.

If you're wondering, the law states "A motor vehicle may not idle for more than three minutes in New York City, except in a school zone, where the limit is one minute."

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