Billy Nomates released one of the more striking debuts of the year, mixing country, pub rock, post-punk, hip hop, UK garage and more into a brash style that was uniquely hers. The album was produced by Portishead's Geoff Barrow who released it via his Invada label, and it also features pals Sleaford Mods, but the sound is all Billy's.  If you haven't heard her album -- which made our Best of 2020 list -- yet, you definitely should. LIsten, and watch a couple of her videos, below.

We've been asking artists about what their favorite albums of the year are and Billy Nomates' list includes records from Sleaford Mods, Run the Jewels, Moor Mother, Jehnny Beth (who had Billy on her list), Ela Orleans, and more. Check out her list, which is no particular order but does come complete with commentary, below.

Speaking of Sleaford Mods, Billy features on the first single from their upcoming album.


A) Ela Orleans - Lost
A rerelease of her limited 2009 release - hauntingly hypnotic loops, samples & melody.

B) Sleaford Mods - All That Glue
A retrospective of some of their best genre defining work. English frustration to an original hard edge soundtrack.

C) Run The Jewels - RTJ4
Forceful, poignant, hip hop revolt.

D) B.C Camplight - Shortly After Takeoff
Interesting & well put together dark pop songwriting.

E) Pigs X 7 - Viscerals
Energetic dark psyche rock that means it.

F) Chuck Prophet - The Land That Time Forgot
American classic songwriter with new wit & wisdom.

G) Jehnny Beth - To Love is To Live
Strong & vulnerable, eclectic contrast of melodies & noise

H) Little Barrie & Malcolm - Quatermass Seven
Bass & melody heavy, signature cool guitar & groove.

I) Moor Mother - Circuit City
free jazz, experimental punk poet protest.

J) GhostPoet - I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep
Melody, dissonance with poiginiot words. Sonically really captivating & interesting.

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