Pre-order our "red in white" vinyl variant of Bitter Branches' debut LP.

Not only are Deadguy reunited (with a new documentary out), frontman Tim Singer is also staying busy with his newer band Bitter Branches. The band -- which also features members of Calvary, Lighten Up!, Go! For The Throat, The Curse, and Walleye -- recently put out their "Along Came A Bastard" b/w "Fraudulent" single, and now they've announced their debut full-length, Your Neighbors Are Failures, due February 25 via Equal Vision. It features "Along Came A Bastard" as well as the just-released "Solo Trip," and like the previous single, "Solo Trip" channels the noise rock/post-hardcore/grunge vibes of stuff like Mudhoney, Scratch Acid, and Bleach-era Nirvana. Listen below.

UPDATE: The band have also announced the addition of an exciting new member:

Comprised of Tim Singer (Deadguy, Kiss It Goodbye, No Escape), guitarists Matt Ryan (Calvary) and Kevin Sommerville (Lighten Up!) along with drummer Jeff Tirabassi (Walleye), the band has added the inimitable talents of Dan Yemin (Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, Paint It Black) to their monstrous live machine following the departure of bassist Brian Kantorek.

We've teamed up with Bitter Branches on an exclusive "red in white" vinyl variant of the album, limited to just 100 copies and available exclusively in our stores. Pre-order yours now while they last. That's a mock-up above.

1. Along Came A Bastard
2. Circus
3. The Man Who Never Cries
4. Plastic Tongues
5. Have You Tried Jogging?
6. Chewing On Vitamins
7. Sorry You're Not A Winner
8. Solo Trip
9. Monsters Among Us
10. Show Me Yours


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