Yesterday, Bjork released a new video for "Arisen" off her latest album Utopia that she made with Arca and Jesse Kanda, who she's been collaborating with a lot lately. Arca and Jesse Kanda are known for their provocative imagery, and this video was no different -- it features a "moving sculpture created by director Jesse Kanda - a pearlescent white amalgam of amniotic sack, mating slugs, phallus, and blood red mouths. Initially sculpted himself in digital form and brought to life in silicone, it depicts the cycle of death, mating, and birth as one." Some Bjork fans are unhappy with her continued collaborations with Arca (see the comments on her Facebook), which both Arca and Bjork responded to. Arca tweeted, "so many comments from ppl saying i should stay away from björk, ruined the arisen video by appearing or whatever .. when i’ve clicked thru to ur profiles i’ve only found faces that look sweet, soft body language and tender eyed selfies! to you: i send a soft kiss back ✨🐾 rly"

Bjork then piggybacked with her own statement:

i am sooo grateful arca agreed to appear in my "arisen my senses" video. i insiste don this since his part in the song is bigger than usual of the songs that my videos are made of. this is something i insisted of mark bell as well for declare independence video for the same reasons. which i am now forever thrilled i did. i am surprised why some of my fans have a difficulty with this. i wonder why and ask them to be open minded to the complexities of musical union between generations and different sexual orientations. making this video with jesse kanda was a precious signage for us to recognize collaborations across all those.
music wins!

happy winter solstice!

You can watch the video over at WeTransfer.

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