Bjork has shared a few more details about her upcoming 10th album Fossora. That includes the title for the first single has also been revealed: "Atopos" which Wikipedia tells us is a "a genus of carnivorous air-breathing land slugs" which feels very Bjork and fits with the album's imagery and title. ("Fossora" is the feminine Latin word for digger.) Bjork says "Atopos" is "coming soon" so stay tuned.

She also shared what could be the single artwork (it's not the album art which we originally thought) which she co-designed with James Merry and has her in a deep forest setting, wearing a lichen-esque dress of moss and surrounded by a variety of flora, fauna and fungi. It is very mushroom-y. Check that out below.

Fossora features serpentwithfeet and backing vocals from Björk's son Sindri and daughter Ísadóra, as well as Indonesian dance duo Gabber Modus Operandi.

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