In case you were wondering what Bjork was wearing at United Palace Satuday night (May 5, 2007)...

Bjork & United Palace

Compare that with her outfits at Radio City and Coachella.

Seriously though, another great show (don't take my word for it though - LISTEN TO THE WHOLE SHOW AT NPR).

The crowd was much rowdier (LOUD in a good way) than Radio City. At Radio City people were standing and sitting and getting in fights over standing, and getting yelled at for standing, but then standing, but then sitting, etc... At United Palace everyone stood (and screamed) from start to finish.

The crowd ended up disappointing me a little though. Unlike at Bloc Party and the Stooges (Bjork was my third time at the new venue already), the United Palace security was making sure people stayed in their seats (and out of the aisles). I thought for sure everyone would disregard sercurity, and just fill the aisles and rush to the front during "Declare Independence" ("Don't let them do that to you!!"). I thought maybe we'd get a mini-revolution going (Create your own flag!). I was wrong. Show ended peacefully. Everyone gave a collective "that's it?", and then we all went home quietly and riot-free.

The set list, and some more photos, below....

01. Cover Me
02. Earth Intruders w/ Konono N°1
03. Hunter
04. Immature
05. Dull Flame Of Desire w/ Antony
06. Oceania
07. I See Who You Are w/ Min Xiao-Fen
08. Pleasure Is All Mine
09. Pagan Poetry
10. Bachelorette
11. Army Of Me
12. Innocence
13. Wanderlust
14. Hyperballad
15. Pluto

16. Declare Incepencence

Bjork & United Palace

Bjork & United Palace

Bjork & United Palace

The next night Arcade Fire, Beirut, Final Fantasy and the rest of the indie world converged downtown at the Bowery Ballroom.

Bjork plays her third NYC show this Tuesday night at Apollo Theater - with Spank Rock.

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