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Motorhead's Lemmy

You need the heavy? Austin is bringing it this year! To recap, we have
a few
far, so lets get to some of the other ones that are must see!

Motorhead @ SXSW

Ruh-Roh! If there is such thing as an official party for the power chord, it's the Vice Scion Metal showcase at Stubbs on Thursday March 13. Quick, RSVP!

Vice Scion Metal @ Stubbs Thursday March 13
Motorhead 3:05PM
High On Fire 2:00PM
Napalm Death 1:20PM
Enslaved 12:40 PM
DJ Mixhell (aka Igor Cavalera) 12:00PM

Norway's Enslaved is putting in WORK this SXSW. Besides the awesome Scion Metal Showcase, Enslaved will join fellow frosty compatriots 1349 at a second Vice party at Kenny Dorham's Backyard on Friday March 14, as well as "A Night Of Darkness & Scandanavian Metal" at the "It's GRIM Up North!" party on Friday March 14th at Red 7 Patio.

Vice Saves Texas @ Kenny Dorham's Backyard, Friday March 14
1349 7:15PM
Enslaved 6:30PM
Dark Meat 5:45PM (new VICE signees)
Raveonettes 5:00PM
Jay Reatard 4:15PM
The Night Marchers 3:30PM
Fucked Up 2:45PM
Monotonix 2:00PM
Howlin Rain 1:15PM

It's GRIM Up North! @ Red 7 Patio, Friday March 14th
Enslaved 12:45AM
1349 11:30PM
Avatar 10:30PM
Goat The Head 9:30PM (from Norway too)
Sabaton 8:30PM (from Sweden)

Taking the lead of Enslaved, Russian Circles will be killing it up at SXSW. Check out my pick, the Sunday March 16th show at Red 7 put on by Radar Recordings, Giant Step Productions, and Sargent House which will also feature Maps & Atlases, Caspian, This Will Destroy You, Genghis Tron, Coliseum, and Tera Melos. For more details, click here. Russian Circles, Tera Melos, and Maps & Atlases will also play Emo's IV Lounge on March 15th as well.

Sargent House/Riot Act Media Showcase @ Emo's IV Lounge, Saturday March 15th
RX Bandits 1:00AM
Russian Circles 12:00AM
Tera Melos 11:00PM
Maps & Atlases 10:00PM
Love You Moon 8:00PM
Moonrats 9:00PM


SolidPR's showcase will host noise-punk badasses Unsane along with Man Man and Fucked Up on Friday March 14 at Scoot Inn.

SolidPR Showcase @ Scoot Inn, Friday March 14th
Unsane 1:10AM
Man Man 12:10AM
World/Inferno Friendship Society 11:20PM
Fucked Up 10:30PM
Paint It Black 9:40PM
Fatal Flying Guilloteens 8:50PM
Foxy Shazam 8:00PM

60's fuzz legends, and some say the inventors of heavy metal, Blue Cheer will be in Austin with the self-proclaimed "GREATEST ROCK N ROLL BAND IN THE WORLD" (The Supersuckers) and punkers The Meatmen.

Emo's Annex, Friday March 14th
Supersuckers l:00 AM
Blue Cheer 12:00 AM
Lions 11:00PM
The Meatmen 10:00PM
Black Earth 9:00PM
Red Fang 8:00PM

Other bands to look out for:
Yakuza (8:30PM) at the Hot Topic/XBOX 360/Rock Band Showcase at La Zona Rosa on Thursday March 13.
Harvey Milk (7:00PM) at the WFMU showcase at Spiro's Amphitheater on Friday March 14th.
Bible Of The Devil with Weedeater/Black Tusk at Blind Pig Rooftop on Friday March 14.