Black Dice

Pitchfork: Obscure Band You'd Like to See Become More Popular?

Gang Gang Dances's Brian DeGraw: The Present.

GGD's Liz Bougatsos: Guest Species in the Conference House.

GGD's Josh Diamond: Hmm, I'd have to go with three: the Present, our new drummer's other band. They are amazing, and made an amazing record recently. Black Dice, I know you know who they are, but they should be huge and don't seem to get the props they deserve as true innovators, and everything they make continues to get better and better, what is it, for over 12 years now. Growing, amazing new record, and their live show keeps getting more and more insane.

Guest Species in the Conference House (aka Jim Lohman) and Black Dice open for The Butthole Surfers tonight/Friday (12/12) at Warsaw in Brooklyn. Other shows coming up for Black Dice: The Netmage Festival in Bologna, Italy on January 24th (with Growing), and September 12th at Kutscher's for ATP NY.

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