Black Dresses, the unpigeonholable Toronto duo of Devi McCallion and Ada Rook, broke up last year, saying that "entitled fans have been behaving in a very hurtful and frightening way towards Devi including extended invasion of privacy and harassment for some two years now," though both members have stayed active and released music on their own and with other artists (including Katie Dey, Backxwash, and more). They remain broken up, but they did just release a new full-length album, Forever In Your Heart.

"We're no longer a band unfortunately," they say. "Regardless, we've decided to keep putting out music. Blessed to make & share these songs." They also add on Bandcamp that these songs were "assembled during 2020."

As you'd probably expect, the album is all over the place, from metalcore to bedroom pop to industrial to noise and much more, and they make it all sound cohesive. They also released a 50-minute visualizer for the full album, and you can check that out and/or stream it via Bandcamp below.