by Doug Moore

Black Flag

I'm sure you've all been waiting with baited breath, and the moment has now finally arrived: Black Flag's new album, the aptly-titled What The..., is available for streaming in full on Spotify.

The band are continuing to pursue their guerilla-style media strategy of barely telling anyone about what they're doing and when they're doing it, but you should be able to find What The... in stores on 12/3/2013 -- just in time for you to give it as a holiday gift to your favorite nostalgic '80s hardcore ex-kid. For those keeping score, its utterly perplexing cover was evidently designed by once-and-future vocalist Ron Reyes, who had the following to say about it on his Facebook account:

Well I gotta admit that I was the one who designed this. I submitted several designs all of which I liked much better. But this is the one that stuck. Originally it was black n white but then I was asked to add some color. I was aiming for something kinda fun and not serious like some early Descendents art. I fully expected that some folks would hate it. I guess I was right. Does that make me prophetic? Lol. lighten up folks geesh its only rock n roll.

Yeah, lighten up, guys!

Anyhow, you can stream What The... in full below. I'm only a few tracks into it right now, but't sound all that bad; Greg Ginn's guitar work in particular sounds pretty gnarly and true to BF's mid-era work. Perhaps the album sales will help him recoup the legal fees he lost in his failed suit against FLAG.

Definitely curious to hear what you guys think once you've spun the whole thing. Listen below...


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