New York's own "neo folk" band White Magic open for Sonic Youth at Webster Hall tonight. That's not surprising since White Magic vocalist, Mira Billotte, was previously a member of the band Quix*o*tic, who toured with Sonic Youth in the past.

White Magic rightfully share a label with Will Oldham, Faun Fables, and Joanna Newsom. On September 25th they'll share a stage with The Fiery Furnaces. They appear on Golden Apples of the Sun, "a compilation of current underground folk music, as selected by Devendra Banhart." And in a cosmic Friday the 13th coincidence, they got their very first (single song) Pitchfork (4 stars!). I'm impressed.

As if all that wasn't magical enough, Louisville, Kentucy band, Magik Markers, will be opening the sold out show tonight.

- 9:30 -
Sonic Youth
- 8:30 -
White Magic
- 7:30 -
Magik Markers