Post-metallers Black Math Horseman made a comeback this year with a self-titled EP, their first release in 13 years, and now vocalist/bassist Sera Timms (also of Ides of Gemini, Black Mare, and LVXURI) has made us a list of her favorite albums of 2022. It's a very unique list, including Brooklyn post-punks Bambara, ambient/electronic musician Rabit, dark ambient/drone vets Locrian, a modern classical album from Arvo Pärt & Jeroen van Veen, a crystal meditations album, and more. Read on for Sera's list and commentary...

Sera Timms' Favorite Albums of 2022

Bambara - Love On My Mind

Bambara was my first return to live music “after” Covid. Kind of like a first love-I will probably love everything they ever make.

Oiseaux-Tempête - What On Earth (Que Diable)

The title says it all. Totally unique, emotive, powerful and bewildering.

Patricia Wolf - See Through

If Hilma of Klint’s paintings had a soundtrack.

Chasms - Parallel

Refined ethereal manna

Rabit - What Dreams May Come

Pop esoteric erotica

Arvo Pärt & Jeroen van Veen - Tintinnabuli

Heart wrenching depths. Transcendent Sorrow.

Locrian - New Catastrophism

Glaciers melting over Chernobyl.

Adelaida - Cántaro

A Spanish firefly singing. Mystical and hypnotic.

Debit - The Long Count

An electronic version of a Nature Sounds album. Blissful strange dream state.

Tryshe Dhevney - Exhale: Crystal Sound Binaural Meditations

The most deeply relaxing, healing headphone music. Everyone should take a hit.

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