UK band black midi brought their North American tour with NNAMDÏ to Jersey City on Saturday (4/2) for a show at White Eagle Hall. Being in Jersey, they made it a Sopranos-themed night, walking out to the series theme song with singer/guitarist Geordie dressed as Tony in a leather jacket and smoking a cigar. They also renamed songs on their setlist with Sopranos references: "John L" became "Tony S," "Speedway" became "Garden State Parkway," "Welcome to Hell" became "Welcome to Newark," "Eat Men, Eat" became "Eat Gabagool, Eat," "953" became "I-95 3," etc. Sure, Tony lived in North Caldwell, not Jersey City, but to black midi it was close enough.

Guitarist Matt Kwasniewski-Kelvin is taking a hiatus from the band, so the current lineup includes Kaidi Akinnibi on saxophone, which is a nice addition to their sound. It was a typically wild black midi show and the crowd was going nuts the whole time. Check out pictures by P Squared from the whole night, including NNAMDÏ's opening set and a picture of black midi's Soprano-ized setlist, in this post. There are also a few fan-shot videos from the show below.

SETLIST: black midi @ White Eagle Hall 4/2/2022
tony s
garden state parkway
welcome to Newark
dethroned - nylon redux
dangerous T
talking heads
eat gabagool, eat
sugar/tzu (faster transition)
the defence of Junior Soprano
1-95 3

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