Fresh off the release of their new album Hellfire, UK group black midi headlined a free show at SummerStage in Central Park on Saturday afternoon (7/22). Despite temperatures well into the '90s, the group were decked out in tracksuits and shiny long-sleeved shirts as they played their set of manic, mathy indie rock that included most of the new album. As an intro to "Eat Men Eat," they turned LCD Soundsystem's "Daft Punk is Playing at My House" into "black midi is Playing Central Park." Fun, sweaty set.

This was not your average show, as black midi had put together a decidedly quirky lineup. Sal "The Voice" Valentinetti, who you might know from America's Got Talent, performed a set of crooner classics ("Come Fly with Me," "I'm Just a Gigolo," "My Way," "New York, New York"), and it may have been the only show he's ever played with a mosh pit.

Opening the show was SNL's Sarah Squirm, who performed a set of AV-assisted comedy and welcomed out Bonnie Baxter of Kill Alters for a guided meditation session that got, unsurprisingly, pretty weird.

Check out photos by Edwina Hay of the whole show, along with black midi's setlist and fan-shot video, below.

Black Midi @ SummerStage in Central Park 7/24/2022
Welcome to Hell
The Race Is About to Begin
Eat Men Eat
Chondromalacia Patella
John L
Faster Amaranta
The Defence
27 Questions

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