Heavy psych greats Black Mountain have covered a song by a fellow "Black" band and one who has definitely always been a big influence on them, Black Sabbath. It's not the most obvious Sabbath song though: it's "Junior's Eyes" from 1978's Never Say Die!, their last album with Ozzy (until 2013's 13). "Deep end period Ozzy slow burn. Some Butler / Ward funk, Iommi wah flutters and floating synths," says Black Mountain's Stephen McBean. "Randomly rediscovered on a cruise through some red sand tropics. Nearly ten years on and still pulling riffs from the sky... never say die! You’re never too old to switch on and upwards!" The track is only available via Amazon Music at the moment; stream it below.

As mentioned, Black Mountain just played Psycho Las Vegas last weekend, and they announced some new fall tour dates around another festival, Austin's Levitation.

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