Not only are Black Sabbath possibly getting a metal bench in their hometown of Birmingham to celebrate their 50th anniversary, there's also a Black Sabbath exhibit called 'Black Sabbath - 50 Years' coming to the Birmingham Museum from June 22 to September 29 featuring memorabilia, photos, "iconic artefacts and treasured personal items on loan from the band members themselves," and more. Here's more info:

A blockbuster exhibition devoted to the music that was born in and around Birmingham. Music that turned up the volume, down-tuned the guitars, and introduced a whole new meaning to the word ‘heavy’.

The exhibition celebrates Black Sabbath from the perspective of their fans, to show the impact and cultural legacy of the band as pioneers of Heavy Metal, and to celebrate this unique, significant part of British music heritage.

Memorabilia, collections and personal stories will demonstrate the extraordinary scale and diversity of Black Sabbath’s international fan-base together with a vast photography collection of over 3,000 portraits of fans from all corners of the globe.

Further pieces will also include iconic artefacts and treasured personal items on loan from the band members themselves, who comment:

"It’s an honour to be a part of the Home of Metal. I am just a guy from Birmingham who’s been blessed to have had such dedicated fans throughout my career. Like I’ve always said ‘I am nothing without them’.” Ozzy Osbourne

“Fans are our lifeblood, they've always been there to support us.” Tony Iommi

"I've always maintained that Sabbath fans are the most loyal and honest and most independently minded of all. I thank each and everyone of them for their incredible support over the years.” Geezer Butler

“You’re a Sabbath fan, and everything about you is beautiful and worthwhile. I’m so grateful to have played for you, and met you in the heart and soul of each song. Stay safe, be good to yourselves, and rock forever and ever.” Bill Ward

Meanwhile, Ozzy was just hospitalized due to flu complications and had to postpone dates (get well soon, Ozz!), Geezer Butler is playing in the new supergroup Deadland Ritual, and Tony Iommi lent a guitar solo to a new Candlemass song.