Icelandic blackened death metallers Úlfúð (pronounced “ool-wooth”, meaning animosity or hostility) will follow their 2018 debut EP First Sermon with their first full-length, Of Existential Distortion, on March 17 via Dark Descent Records. The first single is opening track "Where Strange Lights Dance," which feels like a clear step up from the EP: bigger, louder, and even more evil. Check it out below.

As part of our ongoing partnership with Dark Descent, we've got an exclusive blue galaxy vinyl variant of the album, limited to just 100 copies (mock up below). Pre-order now along with one of our last copies of the new Castrator album and our exclusive variant of Malignant Altar's debut.


For more on this album, the announcement reads:

Bred in the land of ice and fire, Úlfúð are the latest addition to Dark Descent’s flawless, ever-diversifying roster. Championing their personal blend of black and death metal (with emphasis on the former), the band’s debut album Of Existential Distortion uniquely captures the desolate vastness of the volcanic wastelands like only Icelanders can.

Úlfúð’s first full-length is a masterclass in songcraft, showcasing a stunning balance of entrancing atmosphere, haunting melody, and deathless violence. Artist Bahrull Marta was summoned to conjure the breath-taking artwork, whilst photographs by Alma Líf Þorsteinsdóttir adorn the inlay with visions of each offering.

"We are extremely excited to be releasing our first full-length album with Dark Descent! This album heralds our entity and declares our intent; to immerse you in our ritual of catharsis and cacophony! We cannot wait to share our music with you. The time is nigh!"

1. Where Strange Lights Dance
2. Tears of Terra
3. Mockery Theatre
4. Faceless
5. Gods Left Behind
6. Questions
7. An Elegy to a Paradise Out of Reach
8. Leviathan Dreams

Ulfud vinyl banner

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