Blake Mills, who has collaborated with Fiona Apple, Alabama Shakes, Perfume Genius and Phoebe Bridgers (to name just four), will release his new album, Mutable Set, on May 8 via New Deal/Verve. “This record deals with an awareness of two things — people and experiences in life that are precious, and whatever waits down the moat for something to drop,” says Mills. “I’ve seen the phrase ‘mutable set’ used to describe theater backdrops and set props, things like that. And ‘mute’ might be one of the best musical terms ever invented. So ‘Mutable Set’ is a term that deals with anything that could change or be lost all together.”

The first single is "Vanishing Twin," an eerie, slow-building song that gathers steam as it goes -- gorgeous strings, a ragged guitar solo -- but Blake never lets it boil over. The video, directed by Justin Daashuur Hopkins, is lovely, too.


Mutable Set tracklist:
1. Never Forever
2. May Later
3. Eat My Dust
4. Money is the One True God
5. Summer All Over
6. Vanishing Twin
7. My Dear One
8. Farsickness
9. Mirror Box
10. Window Facing a Window
11. Off Grid

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