Blanck Mass, aka Fuck Buttons' Benjamin John Power, has composed the score for Ted K, the new film about the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski. The official soundtrack will be out digitally on March 18 and on vinyl on June 10 via Sacred Bones - pre-order it on opaque red vinyl.

“I wanted it to feel like an epic,” says Power, and the main theme for the film, titled "Montana," definitely has that scope, with icy, forceful blasts of synth. You can listen to that below.

Ted K was directed and co-written by Tony Stone, and stars Sharlto Copley as Kaczynski. Here's the official synopsis: "Deep in the American Rocky Mountains lived a man who sought refuge from modern society. His dark writings forewarned of a society ruled by technology. As the outside world encroached on his mountain sanctuary, he slowly became radicalized with rage. What began with small acts of sabotage, culminated with deadly bomb attacks, national media attention, and the largest manhunt in American history."

The film is out today in theaters and on demand/digital via NEON, and you can watch the trailer below.


Ted K OST:
1. Scroll
2. Montana (Main Theme)
3. Noise Destroys Something Wonderful
4. Pesticides
5. Revenge
6. ComTech
7. Greyhound
8. Second Test
9. Desecration
10. Tell Me Your Heart
11. Dark Materials
12. Becky’s Theme
13. Blue Tunnel
14. Manifesto
15. Ranger Gary
16. At Peace - Freedom Club
17. Prophecy
18. Skidders
19. Montana (Reprise)

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