photo (of Blank Dogs?) by Lyndsy Welgos
Blank Dogs

"Who are the Blank Dogs? Frankly, I'm not sure. My understanding is that it's one guy's bedroom project, a lo-fi dungeon-style operation that churns out releases every couple of days. But furthermore, what is a Blank Dog? Is the "Blank" meant to censor an expletive, like "When are those (blank) dogs going to stop humping my leg?" or "I can't believe the Bumpuses' (blank) dogs ate the Christmas turkey." Actually, this latest Blank Dogs LP, originally a cassette release, is a lot like a humping dog: A little disconcerting at first, but tough to peel away from once it gets going.

For all the musicians crafting grimy, lo-fi electro-rock, the man behind Blank Dogs takes it to another level, because it feels like he means it." [The Wire]

With something like 10 great releases this year and last (mostly a mix of 7"'s, cassettes, EP's and albums) (many of them available for free download, go get em while you can), Brooklyn's mysterious Blank Dogs have yet to play a live show. That will change after this weekend. Exact dates and videos below...

Blank Dogs - Scenes From A New Town

Blank Dogs - Leaving the Light On

Blank Dogs - 2008 Tour Dates
Sep 20 @ Terror Fest, Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn NY
Sep 21 @ DCTV (The Tank), NYC

:::: Eat Skull
:::::: Psychedelic Horseshit

:::::::: Little Claw
:::::::::: the Intelligence

[ DCTV ] formerly the temp location of the Tank
87 Lafayette St @ White St | Downtown, Manhattan
NQRW46JMZ to Canal | NEW TIME! --> 8PM | all ages | no phone | $7

[ curated and organized by & Todd P ]

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