Collapse Culture is the new long-distance duo of Graham Scala (Bleach Everything, US Christmas, Interstitia) and Ian Miller (Kowloon Walled City, Strangelight, Less Art) who formed during quarantine, and they're gearing up to release their self-titled debut album on January 29 via Pax Aeternum (pre-order). The band's bio namedrops Burial, Andy Stott, and Bill Laswell as reference points for their music, and you can definitely hear that coming through in the dark, murky electronic sounds of recent single "Dead Channel" and the new "Disabuse," which premieres in this post.

"It's funny because this was supposed to be a dance record," Graham tells us. "I was sitting around in my living room - out of work and understimulated, unwinding my mental health by obsessively looking at disease rates and watching protest videos while adding bourbon to my coffee a little earlier every day. Part of being an overbearing music nerd is wanting to engage in everything I enjoy and, of all the different types of music I've made, I'd never made a dance record. Ian's come closer so at least one of us had his bearings with this sort of thing but, while I could blame the zeitgeist (though I don't want to lump this in with every Covid record every other sad, bored asshole made in quarantine) or I could blame a general inclination towards the darker side of the aesthetic spectrum, I don't think we succeeded in making something for the club. Maybe next time we'll make something that doesn't sound like society collapsing."

Listen to both songs and check out the artwork and tracklist below...

Collapse Culture

1. Dead Channel
2. Disabuse
3. A Static Howl
4. Opprobrium
5. Intermezzo
6. Kintsugi
7. The Mother Vine
8. Total Clarity

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