BleakHeart hail from the thriving Denver metal scene, and they've got a couple familiar faces: guitarist JP Damron (Vermin Womb, In The Company Of Serpents) and vocalist/keyboardist Kelly Schilling (Dreadnought). Rounding out the lineup is guitarist Mark Chronister and drummer Josh Kauffman, and the quartet's upcoming debut album Dream Griever was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Pete DeBoer, who's also worked with Dreadnought, Blood Incantation, and more. The album comes out October 23 via self-release (pre-order).

BleakHeart recently released the eight-minute lead single "The Visitor," and we're now premiering the nearly-12-minute title track, which closes the album. As you can hear on both songs, BleakHeart have created a dark, hypnotic, glacial-paced blend of doom, post-rock, shoegaze, goth, folk, psychedelia, and more, and Kelly Schilling's soaring voice keeps you hooked at every turn. "‘Dream Griever’ captures the essence of our sound while also expanding on new terrain," the band tells us of the new song. "It is our ending epic, exploring feelings of loss, confusion and frustration during times of intense personal change."

Listen to the new "Dream Griever" and the previously released "The Visitor" below...

BleakHeat Dream Griever

1. Ash Bearer
2. Heed The Haunt
3. The Visitor
4. The Dead Moon
5. Dream Griever


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