by Rob Sperry-Fromm

Blessed State

Fuzzed-out Western Massachusetts punks Blessed State are back with a new EP called Slipstream, which we're premiering in its entirety. Slipstream is the follow-up to last year's Head Space, and its out October 16.

Blessed State have always drawn from the styles of late '80s and early '90s alternative rock, and on Slipstream, they have softened up some of the edges of their caustic sound. The 4-song EP is crunchier, cleaner, and hookier than Head Space, sounding a bit more Dinosaur Jr. than Husker Du. The vocals are no longer screamed, and there are enough catchy fuzz-bombs here to give MA neighbors California X a run for their money. And call me crazy, but I detect a bit of My Bloody Valentine worship on the heavy, forward-driving final song "Seconds." You can stream the whole thing below.

Blessed State are playing a few shows behind the new EP, including a release show in their hometown of Northampton with Left & Right, Gay Mayor and Dirt Devil, and another Western MA show with the excellent Boston hardcore band Boston Strangler. They'll also hit NYC on October 25 at Silent Barn with Washer, Freecare, Dead Tenants and Ides. $8 at the door gets you in.

You can preorder Slipstream, either digitally or on cassette, here. Stream the EP and check out Blessed State tour dates below...


Blessed State -- 2015 Tour Dates
Tuesday, October 20th @ One Bar, Northampton MA (tape release) w/ Left & Right, Gay Mayor, Dirt Devil
Saturday, October 24th @ Everybody Hits, Philadelphia PA w/ Left & Right, Stove, & Roof Doctor
Sunday, October 25th @ Silent Barn, Brooklyn NY w/ Washer, Freecare, Dead Tenants, Ides
Thursday, November 5th @ Hampshire College, Amherst MA
Saturday, November 7th @ location TBA w/ Boston Strangler & The Loading, Boston MA