As you know if you've followed along with the Fyre Festival chaos or watched the documentaries, blink-182 were the first act to pull out of the doomed festival. Now that the band's Mark Hoppus has seen the Netflix documentary, he spoke to NME about it:

“It was pretty shocking,” Hoppus told NME of his first viewing of the documentary. “It was shocking but not entirely surprising. We had indications kind of early on that there were problems. Our production crew was having problems getting even the most basic of answers as to staging, power and things that you would normally have well in advance of the show. That being said, us and our crew have always prided ourselves on being able to put on a good show.

“If you give us electricity and a stage then we will do our best to put on a great show. We continued in good faith, the show got closer and closer. Travis [Barker, drums] doesn’t fly so he was going to have to get on a boat for several days to get there then our production crew just said, ‘I don’t think that this is going to happen, I think we should pull out now’. That’s when we issued our statement."

When asked about Seth Rogen and The Lonely Island's plans to make a parody movie about the festival, Mark replied, "I can't wait to see that!" And when they asked him who he wants to play the band: That has to be Ryan Gosling for me, of course. Matt [Skiba, frontman] would be played by someone goth-y like Crispin Glover and Travis would be played by Machine Gun Kelly." If that really happened, it'd be a big year for Machine Gun Kelly playing shirtless drummers.

Mark also discussed blink-182's new album, which is set to feature Pharrell and come out before blink play Warped Tour in Atlantic City in June. He had similar comments to the ones Travis recently made about it, and also compared it to their 2003 untitled album. "It’s very different to [previous album] ‘California.’ It’s a lot more aggressive. It’s darker in theme and tone. If you like ‘California’ to ‘Enema Of The State’ then this album is more like the untitled record where we are trying to experiment more: trying to experiment more, trying different sounds, and trying to expand upon what people think Blink 182 is."

Mark's new band Simple Creatures (a more pop-minded collaboration with Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low) also recently gave a press conference, and at it Mark talked about an idea he once had to do a tour of blink-182 side projects. "We actually talked about it at one point, doing a Blink and side projects tour where we’d be like Transplants, Angels And Airwaves, blink-182, +44 and everything that anyone has ever been involved with." It obviously never came to be, but Mark still seems into the idea. "I think it’d be fun," he added. Who knows, maybe one day it'll really happen. (And if so, that would mean the return of Tom Delonge?) You can watch the full press conference below.

blink-182 are gearing up to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Enema of the State by performing the album in full at Back To The Beach fest this month. They're also playing the aforementioned Warped Tour, Riot Fest, Outside Lands, and the just-announced Quebec City Summer Festival.

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