TV on the Radio

In an article entitled "Truly Indie Fans", the NY Times wrote::

...There is even a new word for black fans of indie rock: “blipster,” which was added to last summer, defined as “a person who is black and also can be stereotyped by appearance, musical taste, and/or social scene as a hipster.” .........THE recent attention given several bands with black members — like Bloc Party, Lightspeed Champion, and the Dears — could signify change. “Return to Cookie Mountain,” the second album by the group TV on the Radio, a band in which four of the five members are black, was on the best-album lists of many critics in 2006. Around the country, other rock bands with black members are emerging....

I'm thinking the term "Blipster" (not much unlike "hipster") is unnecessary. Offensive even. Do you agree, or do I just need to lighten up?

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