Blitzen Trapper released Holy Smokes Future Jokes last year and now they're releasing demo versions of the album's songs. Titled Holy Demos Future Demos, this album is making its debut for the May edition of Bandcamp Friday on 5/7, and will then be out on all digital platforms on May 14.

"I wanted to share these demos as a way to allow fans a peek into my process, into the bedroom feel of writing and trying to capture a mood or a place in moments,” says frontman/songwriter Eric Earley “These demos are similar in ways to their studio counterparts, but they contain that intimacy, that seed of genesis that can sometimes disappear in the studio setting. The drums are funky little drum machine place keepers, some of the bass and a couple guitar solos I ended up keeping through the studio sessions but everything else is my initial unheard take, at home, attempting to see where the songs needed to go.”

We've got the premiere of “Sons And Unwed Mothers” which has the seeds of the studio version -- the hand-and-knee percussion -- but is indeed a more intimate, immediate rendition. Stream that below.

In other news, Blitzen Trapper will play a livestream show on Bandcamp Live on May 7. It's a full band show -- Eric will be backed by Brian Adrian Koch (drums/vocals), Nathan Vanderpool (bass/vocals), and Michael Blake (guitar/piano) -- and the first they've played since releasing Holy Smokes Future Jokes. Tickets are on sale now.

Holy Demos Future Demos tracklist:
1. Dead Billie Jean
2. Don't Let Me Run
3. Masonic Temple Microdose #1
4. Requiem
5. Holy Smokes Future Jokes
6. Sons and Unwed Mothers
7. Bardo's Light (Ouija, Ouija)
8. Hazy Morning
9. Magical Thinking
10. Baptismal

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