Built to Spill were supposed to tour in 2020 until the pandemic hit, and the tour would have featured the band's new lineup with Teresa Esguerra of Prism Bitch and Melanie Radford of Blood Lemon. Prism Bitch recently released a new album and now Blood Lemon are set to do the same.

The self-titled LP is set to drop this Friday, April 23 (pre-order), and we're now premiering its new single "One More Time," along with its animated video by James WAR Lloyd. "The song is about realizing that you're becoming a product of your own destruction," Melanie tells us. "You're doing it to yourself but can't find the means to get out of that cycle so you keep going in vicious circles. I was really impressed with how James embraced that sentiment. All three of us ladies LOVE sci-fi (especially Star Trek) so we were excited to have him create a unique sci-fi story that captured the chaotic vibe of the song."

"When I first listened to 'One More Time' in the context of making the video, I realized that the changes in the song lined up almost perfectly with the three-act structure writers use to tell satisfying stories," James added. "From there, I made an outline and used that structure to plug in some sci-fi imagery. I love science fiction, so this is a love letter to the genre."

As for the song, it hearkens back to the crunchy, catchy sounds of mid to late '90s grunge pop, complete with the quiet-LOUD dynamics that made this genre so cathartic. Blood Lemon cite influences like Sleater-Kinney, The Breeders, and Veruca Salt, and if you're into those bands, you'll probably like this song too. Check it out below.